Activists and hackers in Europe unite against Article 11 and Article 13 (ACTA2)

While we are still attempting to comprehend the fact that the European parliament accepted the new copyright directive that is called ACTA2, activists and hackers have not been silent. People all over the internet are now preparing for the final vote that will happen either on the 9th or the 15th of April.

This time it will not be the European parliament voting, but the European council. That means that the leaders of the 28 countries will decide together if this new copyright directive is going to be implemented. A very different group of voters, with different rules. And a new chance to stop this ACTA2 directive from happening, according to activists. Because this decision will not be made by the “MEPs” (European parliament politicians), historically seen as “Pro EU”, but by the leaders of the states. So now they need to be convinced of the damaging aspects of this dangerous and outdated directive.

Following the negative outcome of the previous vote, the internet went wild. The hashtag #Article13 was trending on Twitter for days, with people from all corners of Europe going at it. Hackers from Germany started to attack different European websites, and activists immediately started to organize new protests and street actions. Big websites like Reddit and Wikipedia spoke out, and so did privacy lawyers. Understandable, because now the time is literally ticking away. And if this passes the council, we will see the first effects within months. When the people of the internet lose this fight, the nations of Europe will have 2 years to implement the new rules. And this will change the entire internet forever.

It is a subject that truly unites the internet. Because it will affect everyone, regardless of political motivations or what you do online. It does not care about your opinions, it restricts, everyone. For this reason Hack News embraces grass roots resistance against Article 11 and 13 (ACTA2). We support an open and free internet, uncensored. Our team feels that copyright is an outdated concept, that only works for dinosaurs who do not have a clue about how the internet functions.

In a world that becomes more globalized every day, the people deserve access to the same (educational) material. Regardless if they have money for it or not. It is obvious that in many parts of the world, where diseases and hunger are still part of every day life, people cannot pay for copyrighted materials. We feel these people need to be free. They deserve an education as well. And they get it online, not just from expensive books. So this fight is not only about Europe, but for the future of mankind all over the world.

So if you are reading this, you are the resistance. Join the cause and take action to save your internet.

You can join the #StopACTA2 Discord server:

A map of European protests is available here:

More information about the copyright directive can be found here:

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