Anonymous Bites Back Free Speech Activists Found a Way to Defeat Censorship

Our brothers and sisters from Anonymous Bites Back are some of the smartest activists on the internet. For over 2 years they have been educating people about censorship, privacy and methods to protect yourself online. They have been steadily live streaming every week, and since a few months increased the number of broadcasts to twice a week.

After the show was “shadowbanned” on both Facebook and Youtube, the Anonymous activists had to find solutions. Quickly a team member developed a method to stream to over 30 different social media websites at once. This allowed them to be decentralized, no longer being dependent on any individual website. They would always be online “somewhere” and would just post the links to their incredibly large network.

When last month they lost their live stream capabilities on the famous Anonymous Worldwide Youtube channel for 90 days, after a so called copyright infraction that later turned out to be false, they were able to switch to Periscope within seconds. This is the live stream website created by the Twitter company. They were even able to increase the viewer count of Anonymous Bites Back shows ten fold compared to Youtube, easily reaching 5-10.000 unique viewers per show.

The current main live stream:

Anonymous Bites Back on Periscope

Or find a list of more links here:

Anonymous Bites Back on Gravatar

As you can see, the list with different sites shown on their Gravatar page is huge. And it is increasing by the day, as they organize the different profiles to make them look a little more “professional”, even though they don’t really care about what people think of them.

So what makes Anonymous Bites Back different than other shows, and why are there always people looking to censor them? Returning listeners know that this is one of the few live shows that offers full free speech.

The team is from all over the world and they don’t care what political flavor you have, you are welcome to come on air with them. The establishment doesn’t like this, so it is always trying to disturb them in many different ways. But the team is ready and loved in the Anonymous community for being consistent with standing up for human rights.

Since a month or so they are also working on the Anonymous Bites Back website, that will feature direct audio streams that cannot be removed by social media. As a backup system to current streams.

So do you have something to say? Do you want people to know about certain information you have? Drop them a message at Twitter (that’s the fastest) here: @abbliveshow

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