Anonymous says Free Julian Assange

Most people on the internet by now are aware of the situation of Julian Assange. The famous journalist from Wikileaks exposed crimes committed by the United States army and Iraq and is now facing prison time and possible extradition towards the United States for doing just that.

Activists and journalists around the world are shocked about this and have started a major campaign called #FreeAssange. It is trending on Twitter for the last few weeks and even many celebrities and politicians have shown their solidarity with the incarcerated journalist. Especially from the independent media there is a lot of support, of course also because their own freedoms are at stake. Because what happens to one journalist will automaticly apply to everyone.

And now there is Anonymous too. The Anonymous Bites Back free speech show expressed their public support for him in an article on their site. Historically the collective of hackers supports Wikileaks and Julian Assange. But the arrest of their “brother” really sparked new anger and activity among them. Other Anonymous websites started operations including a petition to stop his extradition as well.

Julian Assange could be facing a long prison time if the United States is successful in its attempts to have him extradited. It will be the first time that a journalist from outside of the United States is brought to the country for simply publishing facts. A list of accusations was delivered, but what it comes down to is the fact Wikileaks published a video called Collateral Murder, that showed American soldiers murdering innocent civilians and journalists in Iraq.

Anonymous not an enemy to take lightly. Next to the activist side of Anonymous expressing legal support by giving attention to the case, rallying for street protests and starting petitions, different off-shoots of the collective launched over 40 million cyber attacks against the countries of Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States, under the banners of #OpAssange and #FreeAssange. The fact that this is already their largest and most powerful operation in history shows that the Anonymous collective is now united worldwide about this and that is a promise that this fight is far from over.

If you want to stay up to date, the Anonymous Bites Back team we talked about before delivers weekly updates on the problems surrounding Julian Assange. They will also inform you of whatever actions Anonymous and other activists are taking to solve this problem. The team made a promise to spend some time on this situation on every episode, with no exception, until Julian Assange walks free again.

Hack News also wants to make sure that all of you understand that we fully support free speech and a free press, and that we express our solidarity with Anonymous and the rest of the internet in their defense for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Not just because we want to, but because we have to, a free society depends on these essential two freedoms.

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