Anonymous prepares for the Million Mask March of 2019 and free press activists are joining them

As the 5th of November is approaching, Anonymous all over the world are preparing for their annual Million Mask March all over the world. And this year promises to be an even bigger event than last year. All over social media activists are talking about it and they are joining events created by their local organizers.

As every year this Million Mask March is a fully grass roots event, with no leaders or central leadership. Everything is done by local activists together with their friends and supporters.

The Million Mask March is an event that is open to anyone. There are no specific goals, people join the street events for many different reasons. There are some goals shared by many though, these are Free Press, Free Speech and a fight against censorship and corruption.

Events like the Million Mask March in Amsterdam and the Million Mask March in London already show 100s of people are planning to attend, and the numbers are rising as we speak. It seems that this worldwide protest is already more popular than it was last year, and there is still a month to go.

Many events organize together on social media, but this year also features a Discord server where many of participants are involved in preparations for this Anonymous global operation. They create promo material, share opinions and help each other to advertise their event pages.

Find the Discord server here:

We do want to put out a warning: treat all chat locations as public squares. That means you don’t share anything personal or private about yourself unless you want the world to know. Keep your masks on. Wherever you organize. Even though the Million Mask March is a fully legal event, always protect your identity.

Considering the recent events surrounding the incarceration of journalists and whistleblowers, this year will be a bit different than other years. All over the world the Free Assange movement and other related groups are planning to join the marches. Anonymous welcomes everyone who struggles for free press and free speech like the rest of us. They ask their members to bring signs in support of free press and of course the famous journalist Julian Assange.

A list of locations that is updated frequently:

A site that embedded the Pastebin list without any ads:

For now this seems to be the only legitimate complete list of events that is actually updated and maintained by Anonymous.

Should an event not be listed yet you can contact Or you can just find events on social media by searching for Million Mask March Yourcityname.

We will be joining street marches around the world and hope to meet you!

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