John McAfee joins Anonymous Bites Back on air!

Anonymous Bites Back announced a new guest who will appear on their next episode. The famous cryptocurrency guru John McAfee is scheduled to join the team on air this Thursday. John is well known for being one of the pioneers in then cryptocurrency world, while being in conflict with the US government for a variety of reasons. According to his own statements he is being chased by the US government because he exposed serious flaws and corruption within the financial system.

The perfect guest for Anonymous Bites Back, a team that wants to offer full free speech to people like John. A number of questions have been prepared for the interview but you are also welcome to participate. By simply asking your questions in the comments, the team can then ask them for you on air. If John is willing, he will answer them on air. Of course completely uncensored.

Right now the fight for the rights of journalists, leakers and whistleblowers is becoming harder, as people like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are currently in jail for exposing corruption and crimes by the US government. John McAfee is one of the guys who continues to speak out about these subjects, and so far no one has been able to silence him. So even though the Anonymous Bites Back team might not agree with everything he says, they do agree on amplifying his voice among the activist community. Especially because he’s got some solutions ready too. Some ideas you do not want to miss out on.

Make sure you tune in to the stream at Periscope: Here

Or use the VK link: Anonymous Bites Back at VK

At both places it is very easy to just put your comments. Anonymous Bites Back will read them and forward them on air. So do not hesitate to speak up.

The episode is scheduled to go live a little earlier as normal, so make sure you stay up to date with the Anonymous Bites Back Twitter channel at @ABBLiveShow. As soon as the show goes live the account will release an automated tweet with the broadcast. John McAfee is very excited, and so is the team of Anonymous Bites Back.

Are you interested to come on air as well? You are welcome. In fact Anonymous Bites Back invites you to! Simply contact the team on Twitter so an episode date and time can be scheduled in. There are no restrictions, everyone is welcome. Although the focus is on dissidents and protests, almost any subject can be covered. And you will be live on over 30 different social networks and websites at once.

Source: Anonymous Bites Back meets John McAfee on air!

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