Breaking: StopACTA2 activists are joining the Million Mask March of 2019!

As the European internet was censored earlier this year, StopACTA2 activists have announced they are joining the Anonymous Million Mask March locations all over the world. Even though the dangerous copyright directive was already passed, speaking out against it is still necessary. And that is exactly what these activists are planning to do. Because many of them are now going to join Anonymous in the streets on November the 5th.

The Anonymous Million Mask March, also called Operation Vendetta, is a yearly event that takes place worldwide. Anyone can join, to defend such things as human rights, free press, free speech and an uncensored internet. There are no real rules, except that it is a non violent march, without any political color. So keep your political party flags at home, put a mask up (any mask really) and march together through the streets.

With 100.000s of people going to the streets early 2019 in defense of a free and open internet, against the aggressive censorship directive that will change the internet in the EU forever, the StopACTA2 movement made a serious stance before. Under the banners of Save Your Internet and StopACTA2 in every major city in the EU protests were causing crowded streets. And with them joining the Anonymous Million Mask March, the event will surely become a lot larger in size.

It is not yet game over for the internet. Because the activists and hacktivists from Anonymous are planning major protests in over 100 cities around the world on the 5th of November. Especially since earlier this year journalists and whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning were arrested, they all realize that press freedom is now under a fulls scale attack. So events are popping up everywhere right now. A full event list is available here, so if you want to join, just visit a location close to you.

There is also an easy to use Google map available showing all events: Click here.

It is not just the StopACTA2 movement that will join the Anonymous Million Mask March. The Free Assange movement is also participating all over the world. And in Paris it is already announced that the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) have organized their own march. It really shows how everyone is uniting against the destruction of our human rights online and offline.

The team from Hack News will also attend these marches and we hope to meet you there. A free and open internet concerns us all, and we respect the StopACTA2 movement for being there once again, ready to defend it for all of us.

More information:
StopACTA2 activists join the Anonymous Million Mask March of 2019

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