Anonymous tells The Anonymous Party to fuck off

Anonymous is a collective of activists and hackers from around the world. They exist over 15 years and have certainly made themselves known online and offline. But every now and then a group shows up that tries to abuse their name. Over the last decade, at least 3 times people unaffiliated to the Anonymous collective tried to start a political party to “co-opt” them. And in 2020 they are trying it again. This time a political party called The Anonymous Party, created by a Donald Trump supporter named Jack is attempting to abuse the Anonymous name for his own gain.

The collective quickly noticed it and is publicly distancing itself from any affiliations with this group. They also want you to be aware that you need to be very careful when dealing with them. Never trust anyone and please do not donate in any way when they ask you to.

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous is not a group or organization. Anonymous is an idea that anyone can use when fighting against censorship and oppression.

1. There is no official Anonymous.
2. There is no Anonymous headquarters.
3. There is no Anonymous company.
4. There is no Anonymous foundation.
5. Anonymous will never ask for donations or sell you any products.
6. Anonymous will never support any political party.

Anonymous as an idea is bulletproof.

The Creed:

1. Anonymous is an immaterial idea.
2. Anonymous is a living, breathing, entity.
3. Any individual can become Anonymous.
4. Not all can join the collective.
5. Anonymous has no head.
6. Anonymous speaks for itself.
7. No one speaks for Anonymous.
8. Justice is the will of Anonymous.
9. Chaos is justice.
10. Lulz empowers and justice unites.

Those who follow ‘The Creed’ are Anonymous. Those who make the attaining of knowledge their highest priority, are of the collective.


Anonymous Worldwide


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