Get a VPN at NordVPN

Times have changed. Privacy online is a thing of the past. After the scandals surrounding big social media websites like Facebook, it has become clear that you have to take measures to protect yourself.

HackNews recommends NordVPN to do so.

What makes them different than other providers? Well for example, when the privacy scandal of Facebook hit the general public, VPNmentor tested a huge amount of VPN companies. It turned out that many of them used a so called “Facebook pixel” on their website. That means Facebook was tracking everything that happened.

But not at NordVPN. This company was one of the few without a pixel. So they were actually working to defend you, and not to make simple money by doing false claims.

Of course this is not the only reason. NordVPN offers special discounts for students, custom products for businesses and handy tools like web proxies. Their staff is friendly and always on-topic. Really a charm to work with.

A huge network around the world provides you with a wide range of choices regarding what country you want to have your VPN connection to. And the best thing of all? They are among the cheapest providers as well, with packages starting at 3 bucks a month.

Go check it out!

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